The Barcelona trip of Mark Paul Deren, aka Madsteez was a pretty complete one. As invited by Montana Colors to get a closer look of the factory he also got the chance to discover the magic which lies behind each aerosol. His participation at the Open Walls festival left us with mural titled “Mi WEENperro es tu WEENperro“, a huge wall inspired by the social inequalities between the classes. Pay attention to the video, on it the artist explains the reason of his style; a particular deficiency in his vision.

madsteez_mtn_210 madsteez_mtn_29 madsteez_mtn_27 madsteez_mtn_24 madsteez_mtn_26 madsteez_mtn_23 madsteez_mtn_22 madsteez_mtn_25 madsteez_mtn_211 madsteez_mtn_213 madsteez_mtn_212 madsteez_mtn_21

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