TNSR clothing has gone over to the capital of Venezuela to make a report about the CMS crew. The results of this great video and complete work, filled with the real Caracas ambience, is a perfect example of the high level of graffiti we can find in Venezuela.

We where in the middle of the Caracas craziness, our first time in Venezuela… visiting the CMS guys who surprised us and showed us proof of the fact that they are one of the most spoken of graffiti crews in the region right now. They brought to all sides of the city, a city which according to the media is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. They exposed the reality and flavors of the town, and we got to testify both the good things and the less beautiful aspects of the situation. With their extraordinary caribbean spice and diversity of styles they left us with no doubt that Caracas belongs to CMS.


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