Now when wintertime finally came up on us it is nice to go back and reminisce about the summer, and here we do it through a video from the Open Summer Jam in Launaget close to Toulouse in the south of France. Im sure you remember the mural made in three levels with a popping pink background by DizerZeusOpiumResoKatreTilt

open_summer_jam_2014_video_1open_summer_jam_2014_video_open_summer_jam_2014_video_2open_summer_jam_2014_video_3open_summer_jam_2014_video_4open_summer_jam_2014_video_5open_summer_jam_2014_video_6 open_summer_jam_2014_video_7 open_summer_jam_2014_video_8 open_summer_jam_2014_video_9 open_summer_jam_2014_video_10

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