Originally from Nantes, Pez defines himself as a ‘visual artist’. The web of Citykingz has gone deeper on his amazing work within the genre of illustration, and they also serve us with a interview. We bring you some images from it along with some fragments of his declarations.


For small sketches I spend around 6 to 10 hours and I work with graphite crayons. For the bigger ones this can count up to 40 to 60 hours (sometimes even more) and I mix all techniques: crayon, Posca markers, spray cans.


I’ve been drawing since I can remember and when I was a teenager my inspiration came from graffiti and hip hop in general.


I’m a big fan of artists like Klimt, Magritte, Escher and Dali. As well as Kaws, Bua, Proch, Etam Cru, etc.


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