Removable paint

Introducing the new removable paint ‘Color Chalk’, from the Montana ColorsSpecialty’ line. 8 highly opaque, matte colors designed specially for temporary application.

Its formulation allows the paint to dry quickly to the touch without leaving loose pigment dust. For its removal we recommend scrubbing with a damp cloth or pressurized water, this way making for an easy cleanup. The less porous the painted surface, the easier the cleaning.

The residuals from cleaning are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of, even down drains.


Its quick and easy cleaning is much appreciated in temporary markings such as (construction, sports events, etc.), cinematographic decoration, Guerrilla marketing, or any other situation where the versatility of spray paint and an easy removal is necessary.

Color Chalk’ provides an endless amount of advantages over standard chalks, and as for its removal you just need to moisten it with water.


8 matte colors
Removal by moistening with water
Dry to the touch once dried
No airborne dust


Temporary marking
Guerrilla marketing


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