Although we’ve already been giving updates on the latest edition of Art Basel Miami via Instagram, we’d like to go back to the Florida based event to savour the outcome of one of the murals that was painted by some familiar faces.

Musa gives us the report…


Miami was the target for yet another year of writers, artists, celebrities, and spectators. This year however, Art Basel was tinged with tragedy. The dream of the usual euphoria of hundreds of writers (and we’re not exaggerating) painting at their own leisure was tainted by the absurd and tragic news regarding the death of Demz, a 21 year old local writer who was run over by police after spending 3 days in the ICU.
That’s the double standard of Wynwood, and the grand finale of this edition of Art Basel.

Art Basel is a breeding ground for murals; no matter where you walk you can always see someone painting a wall. The murals are organized without much time in advance and are easily modified making the experience fresh and unanticipated.
Luckily, with the help of the local writer Eskae545 and our friend Hoacs from New York, Montana Colors managed to set up the perfect plan.
In the trenches we’ve got: Hoacs, Scanner, Eskae545, Sear, Musa71, Asend, Rhed, and Jase.
And here’s the result:

Photos by Jeff Mancilla and Madollaz


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