Reviewing the latest interviews by IDTS, the blog that refreshes our minds on classic writers from the Barcelona scene, we were pleasantly surprised by a feature dedicated to Inca from Alicante.


A genuine celebrity from the Levantine school who with a 25 years career under his belt, keeps giving it his most in each and every wall. His style is energetic and precise and one could say is relished as being of the best in Iberian wildstyle that’s always accompanied by painstakingly executed characters which complete his compositions.


“(Characters) for my crew and my distinct style…. a little opposite to Walt Disney; the beautiful and the unrealistic. In real life evil is everywhere and I reflect that.”


“Before the internet  there were a lot of different styles… today at times you notice an influence and all of the sudden everyone is doing reflections, or glass… it seems to me that there are more trends, although there’s always still the ones who shine because of their quality.”


“I don’t think in euros, I think in cans… I take advantage of every single moment to paint, and after this interview I will have painted 2500 pieces.”

inca_graffiti_alicante_mtn_4 inca_graffiti_alicante_mtn_5

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