The mythical figure of Santa Claus has it’s own version in traditionally Catholic countries in the form of the Three Kings. According to the biblical text, three foreign magical kings showed up after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth to pay homage and to give him three gifts of great symbolic value: gold, incense, and myrrh. On the 6th of January, the day of the Epiphany in the Catholic calendar, the feast of the Three Kings is celebrated. It’s on the evening of that day, according to the legend, that the Three Kings bring gifts for the children.

To celebrate this magical day in MTN-World, three graffiti kings from Barcelona (Japón, Sawe, and Biz) give us the gift of a mural they painted together. They happened to meet with Trojan who was painting at the same wall too.

three_magic_kings_mtn_biz_juanma_sawe_paintthree_magic_kings_mtn_biz_juanma_3three_magic_kings_mtn_biz_juanma_sawethree_magic_kings_mtn_japon_juanma_sawe_fillinthree_magic_kings_mtn_sawe_biz_2three_magic_kings_mtn_sawe_three_magic_kings_mtn_japon_2three_magic_kings_mtn_sawe_bizthree_magic_kings_mtn_biz_trojanthree_magic_kings_mtn_trojanthree_magic_kings_mtn_japon three_magic_kings_mtn_sawe three_magic_kings_mtn_biz_juanmathree_magic_kings_mtn_sawe_japon_biz_three_magic_kings_mtn_

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