Miedo 12, aka Miedo Garcia, also has three favorite pieces

1. Miedo 12 2007

Its one of my favorite ones. Actually the colors and most of the piece is improvised. This is the first piece where I went back home satisfied after painting. I don’t know if it was because of who went with or if because it was the first time I made a piece which I really liked without listening to what everyone else thought about it.


2. Mideo 12 2011, Hello my name is.

It really says Mr. Emilio Ramon. I like it a lot because it gives you the impression of being something really simple, but honestly it was really crazy. In my head it seemed a lot more easy than it really was, but in the end it was all worth it.


3. Miedo 12 2014

I admit that this one could be more elaborated, and in the photo you can’t really appreciate the size and the details. I like it because it is not really my classic personal style. Also because of what it means on a personal level, a way of breaking up old problems.

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