This video from Hannover is a quite funny clip which features the German rapper Bene, and its been made inside the warehouse of MTN Gmbh

Bene aka Beneluxus used to be a well known HipHop artist in Germany back in the day. He was both MC and Producer, and formed part of the Hiphop Crew MB1000. Between the years 1998 – 2007 they made about 400 gigs in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and the Netherlands. They released two albums, many 12 inches and were very famous for their Freestyle and DJ skillz. Furthermore, they were well connected to the graffiti-scene. After a time-out of 7 years Bene decided to make a comeback! His plan for 2015 is to drop 16bars through a videoclip every week. During the 7th week of his new project he made a clip together with his old buddy and MB1000 Crew member Dj Lord Wax, and on top of it all it was filmed in the MTN-Store Hannover.

bene_lord_wax_mtn_1 bene_lord_wax_mtn_2

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