One can really see that Rocky and Biz (Hask, Juanma, Rolie) has the whole painting game in their veins. To these guys this a vital ritual in their lives. Since we have not followed up on them for a while we felt had to make a review of these two Hawaii Computers crew members latest creations. As usual, Paco and Japon is also in on some of the productions. In the compilation we find both very simple pieces as well as more worked on and thematic walls. And as always we can rely on the quality of style and originality which is the trademark of Hco.

1_rocky_hawaii_computers_mtn01_rolie_biz_hawaii_computers_mtn0_biz_rolie_hawaii_computers_mtn4_rockie_rolie_pako_hawaii_computers_mtn03_rolie_biz_hawaii_computers_mtn3_rockie_rolie_pako_hawaii_computers_mtn 8_paco_biz_hawaii_computers_mtn7_rolie_biz_hawaii_computers_mtn6_rocky_hawaii_computers_mtn21_japon_mtn22_rocky_hawaii_computers_mtn22_biz_hawaii_computers_mtn23_paco_hawaii_computers_mtn20_rocky_juanma_hawaii_computers_mtn 9_rockie_rolie_pako_hawaii_computers_mtn10_rocky_hawaii_computers_mtn11_rocky_hawaii_computers_mtn13_rocky_hawaii_computers_mtn12_juanma_hawaii_computers_mtn14_rocky_hask_hawaii_computers_mtn15_rocky_hask_hawaii_computers_mtn17_rocky_hask_hawaii_computers_mtn18_hask_hawaii_computers_mtn19_paco_hawaii_computers_mtn

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