The web of IDTS has published some new and interesting interviews with writers from the province of Barcelona. Genoma is a train writer which travels a lot and has done more wagons than many, and second Mer, a elegant wild styler from Sant Boi. Different styles and separate areas of graffiti, but their stories helps us to empathize with them both.


You can not always go painting with company, thats why I don’t mind going alone. I really enjoy finding abandoned and clean places and get the feeling of doing something fast there



There was a piece by KOS in front of my house when I was no more than eight years old, and I told my mom that I wanted to do the same


MER_IDTS_interview_montana_colors_2genom_idts_montana_colors_2MER_IDTS_interview_montana_colors_1genom_idts_montana_colors_1genom_idts_montana_colors_MER_tontos_IDTS_interview_montana_colors_1 MER_tontos_IDTS_interview_montana_colors_2

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