Name: Siler

Crew: HCNK

Location: Mexico City

Active since: 2000

Favorite surface: I like to paint everything around me: metal shutters, metal doors, wood doors, smooth walls, wrinkled walls..

Personal motivation: It all started in 2000. I used to go out every night to paint everything I found in my way. In the beginning it was just for fun, now it’s a way of life. Time has passed and hardship increases. There is more police presence, more cameras… but I’m still hold on this addiction called illegal graffiti.

siler_fire_at_will_mtn_ siler_fire_at_will_mtn_1 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_10 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_5 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_4 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_3 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_9 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_23 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_21 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_15 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_22 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_20 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_17 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_16 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_6 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_2 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_7 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_13 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_12 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_14 siler_fire_at_will_mtn_18

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