We are back with another medley of videos.
For a long time the ‘Astro Fat Cap‘ has been the cap with the widest spread of paint on the market. The broad line which it creates makes it ideal for hasty and sneaky situations. It is in relation to these facts we can find meaning behind the title of this following video shot in Milan.

Lints sent us a video from his visit to Berlin. A whole bunch of interventions in abandoned places…

Adrian Reynoso Larrossa aka Rese One is a young artist from Alicante with multidisciplinary talents. This video will show you exactly that…

Everyone has probably seen the types of spray paintings made with aerosol where simple but precise tricks comes to create a fantasy landscape or science fiction like paintings in a surprisingly fast way.
Nathan Salmon is a Canadian artist who is specialized in these kinds of express art pieces, and he has discovered that the MTN Water Based 300 is the perfect product for his indoor live shows.

To round up, Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez sent us this clip showing us the decoration of a street tavern in Wynwood, Miami.

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