Five ONG based in Seville have managed to transform the bridge, popularly known as the “Puente del Cachorro” (Puente del Cristo de la Expiración), through a mural graffiti intervention.

During the 18th and 19th of April the artists went to work with some help form Montana Shop Seville. The works of Lolo and the mural made by Sabek and Srger are some of the more outstanding ones.


Below the bridge of Cristo de la Expiración things are happening, many things which we don’t know about. I never imagined that the behind door which leads you to the interior parts of the bridge would be filled with workspaces of people, associations and groups which are working to try to create a better world. Tasks not easy to fulfill, a very complex and demanding work.


Inside the bridge you can find Sevilla Acoge, Médicos del Mundo, Danza Mobile, Asedown and Asociación Tándem, all of them groups which focuses on different sectors of society where you can find people less fortunate than the rest of the population. They focus their energy and work on finding more balance in these questions“.

lolo_elpuentesabek-y-srger_elPuente sevilla_puente_capssevilla_el_puente_elpuente_sevilla

This activity is a sign of that something is happening within the graffiti and urban arts community in Sevilla, with many thanks to the help given by Montana Colors Sevilla, as well as the undisputed local artistic potential.

Another example of this spread is the activities held around illustration by Illustra. During the second week of April they held workshops and conferences with important names like Javier Mariscal, Dulk, Mercedes Debellard, Charuca, Maria Herreros, Aitor Saraiba and José Luis Agreda.

sevilla_limites_workshopsevilla_workshop_maria sevila_workshop_ilustra sevilla_workshop_

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