Today, the 4th of May, we celebrate Star Wars Day. It’s an unofficial celebration created by the movie series’ fans and spread through social media that originates from the expression, “May the Force be with you” (May the 4th be with you).

There are quite a few graffiti writers and artists who are also fans of George Lucas’ galactic universe. For that reason during May 4th, a lot of graffiti pieces and works are accompanied by Star Wars characters or references. We thought it would be appropriate to make a selection of a few of these tributes done by some well known graffiti artist (123Klan, Fuzi, Kaws…), and by some others that aren’t so well known.

star_wars_fuzi_star_wars_macsteph25_star_wars_kaws_star_wars_123klan_star_wars_he_cypher_shopstar_wars_art_by_rilastar_wars_goser1999_star_wars_paulnaylortattoo_star_wars_mr_nerv-_ star_wars_art_pin_one_kenobistar_wars_Sliderbandits

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