This is what comes out of the clash between the typographic collages of Ripo and the geometrics of Spogo. The results has turned a ruinous side wall of a building into a outstanding artwork for the likes of the people in the area of Sant Martí in Barcelona.

To the occasion of the presentation of OpenWalls Showcase 2015 the Difusor association put a wall in the hands of Spogo and Ripo in the Sant Martí area of Barcelona.

The wall (which can be found on Taulat, 135) presented problems from the start of the project since the old paint released itself easily when painted on. The two artists converted the setback into a integration of the old layers of paint and the walls history to take part of the new decoration.
The composition was imposed by horizontal and diagonal stripes playing with overlapping layers of geometry, texts, and colors to create depths and new surfaces.

Photo credits:  Fer Alcalà and Max Rippon.


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