When talking about Suso33, one can fall short of words, not only because he’s one of the Spanish writers with the longest running careers, nor is it for his unconditional support to Montana Colors since the very beginning.

Creator of a new language which combines graffiti with the performative arts, both his most conventional paintings and performances manage to communicate through emotion and action; the artistic essence which lies hidden in graffiti.


It’s for that reason that the Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente de Fuenlabrada, CEART, presents the first retrospective dedicated to Suso33. The exhibition curated by Susana Blas, will guide us through a three-decade career which starts at his beginnings as a graffiti writer, and journeys through to his stage projects. In turn, we are given the  opportunity to get to know the more intimate and existential sides of this artist and writer from Madrid.


I understand art as an attitude and a way to communicate with people, and not as a profession that generates artifacts for the art system‘.



The renowned specialist, Henry Chalfant, will participate in the proposal with his lecture “Graffiti as performance” and together with Tonia Raquejo, will speak at the “Suso33, three decades of graffiti, paint, body, and action” roundtable”.

SUSO33 keeps the painting process alive and coverts it into a real artistic action that takes to the stage, painting and improvising like the best of tradition in jazz‘.

Henry Chalfant


Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente de Fuenlabrada, CEART
Calle Leganés, 51.  Fuenlabrada (Madrid) 
91 4921120
May 7th through July 26th, 2015


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