Until June 5th, Monduber gallery hosts the installation, Room#1, by the artist team, Pichiavo, curated by Frank Picazo.

Pichiavo, who’ve delighted us on more than one occasion with a style that mixes artistic naturalism with street graffiti aesthetic, propose a new reflective exercise about the link between art and graffiti. This time, it’s in the form of an interesting installation for which we have the following images and detailed text to accompany them. If you’re in Gandía, don’t miss out on the opportunity to check out this work.


Room#1 is the refuge of the artist. Here begins the transit around the new work of PichiAvo curated by Frank Picazo. A conceptual installation that tells the point of origin and the latest stages of today’s artist day by day.


The haven that inspires the blanket ceiling and walls that protect the identity of the creator. Here exists a HORROS VACUI that tattoos in its structural supports the paths traveled, those to be travelled, indications, concerns, answers.


It is the counterpoint of that great citizen forum “The Street”: a prominent meeting place for life, enjoyment and contemplation. Because we are graffiti, we are walls, we are paintings and are in the most romantic sense towards the love of art, we profess our faith under the stars of democratization of art. Life and work for wonder, silent emotion and admiration of all those who converse with our work on the street, that is all and for all, a gift of beauty (freedom).


As strange as it may seem, this is the time of artistic communication. However imprisoned we are in our haste or perhaps precisely because of that, we need to stop and become aware of an area of unique and intimate time that has become ours. A micro insulation that keeps us in a perfect harmony between our inner universe and the work exhibited.


This intimate experience, the eye contact, the inner dialogue with the work, beauty, curiosity, intrigue and attraction of the facility, raises a new form of dialogue with art. So much worth the wait, the displacement, even the agglomeration.


The moment of discovery, the confession without further barriers other than the resistance of the individual to the work with unrepeatable, original, unique scenarios, in the middle of an era of mass distribution in a series of all kinds of objects, works, behaviors or events, including cultural. Where prayers begin on the sheet and end on the wall.


The value which cannot be reproduced resides in the figure of “unique moment”, the origin of all the dreams and realities where are forged and that have been consecrated to history in the middle of a pulse against time, which has come out winning oblivious to all the rules whilst remaining true to the inner creativity embodied in the ponderous uniqueness of the individual artwork. The unique experience it is to make this installation a place inhabited by dreams that feed the soul of the attending artist.

Monduber Gallery
República Argentina Avenue 37
46700 Gandia

pichiavo_big monduber_pichiavo_instalacion_4monduber_pichiavo_instalacion_3

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