Like with Skilltrip, coincidentally in the Galician city of Lugo (Spain), they’ve also had the idea to utilize vans and buses as surfaces for a graffiti exhibition that was held at the end of April.

Nine artists, most notably, Miedo García, Bonzai, Bure or Nena, have dedicated themselves to decorating the vehicles in an event which also offers graffiti, Dj, and climbing workshops. Here we bring you a selection of splendid photographs taken by Pol van der Fielden.

graffiti_city_bus_nena_2graffiti_city_bus_1graffiti_city_bus_nena_bonzaigraffiti_city_bus_nenagraffiti_city_bus_bonzai_4graffiti_city_bus_2graffiti_city_bus_bure_graffiti_bus_1graffiti_city_bus_wainaldograffiti_city_bus_graffiti_city_bus_bure_graffiti_bus_ graffiti_city_bus_miedo_garciagraffiti_city_bus_bonzai_2graffiti_city_bus_miedo_garcia_2graffiti_city_bus_bonzai_graffiti_city_bus_bonzai_nenamiedo_bure_graffiti_city_busgraffiti_city_bus_cartel

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