We have four new videos with MTN paint as the tool of choice. All from France and Spain to Brazil…

The restaurant Nous de Paris consulted the artist Zdey to decorate their shutter towards the street, and he really shows us how to combine the aesthetics of street tags with a artistic touch through corporate precision.

Avenida 23 de Mayo in Rio de Janeiro has witnessed some changes of character during the first months of 2015. Pedro Saci, Mateus Bailon, Felipe Primat and Paulo Omeira are just some of the names on the list of artists which has participated…

In this section we have to have time-lapse clips. So heres our first one, short but intense, and with courtesy of Flashbeck Crew and Frenando Teixeira in Brazil.


Our second time-lapse is from Alicante, Spain. Joan Gili is behind the camera to document the actions of the crew Alicante Colors.

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