What happens when some veteran graffiti writers get together for an exhibition that claims the discipline as an art form? They go paint a wall!

The participants of the exhibition, “This Is Street Art”, organized by SGallery got down to doing what it is they do best. This is the result of the mural which included the likes of Chan, Juan, Aspir, Popay, and Sonic among others.

Of course we have some pictures about the exhibition too.

this_is_street_art_juan this_is_street_art_derythis_is_street_art_popay2this_is_street_art_gilbertthis_is_street_art_crenthis_is_street_art_chanthis_is_street_art_aspirthis_is_street_art_sonicthis_is_street_art_soemthis_is_street_art_madhaterthis_is_street_art_popaythis_is_street_art_this_is_street_art_2this_is_street_art_1this_is_street_art_3this_is_street_art_6this_is_street_art_5this_is_street_art_7this_is_street_art_8this_is_street_art_9this_is_street_art_10

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