It’s already time to take a look back at the second edition of the Ono’u festival that took place in Tahiti during the month of May.

The lineup invited to the event, amongst which you’ll see top names from urban art and international graffiti, has left us with some incredible mural productions that range from the most pictorial representations to the most developed styles in graffiti pieces (Askew & Sofles, Dabs & Myla, Daleast, Faith47, Kems & Soten, Kobra, Roa and Seth).

Kingston Photography documented the mural process, while Marc Emmanuel Louvat captured the completed works of the guests.

As for the festival competition itself, we’ll leave you with some of the pieces of different categories. If you’d like more details, Allcity has conducted two comprehensive articles on the event.

ono_u_tahiti_soten2ono_u_tahiti_dabs_ono_u_tahiti_capsono_u_tahiti_94_ono_u_tahiti_unkono_u_tahiti_unk3ono_u_tahiti_unk4ono_u_tahiti_john_kaye_3ono_u_tahiti_john_kaye_1ono_u_tahiti_dabs_myla_1ono_u_tahiti_john_kayeono_u_tahiti_soten3ono_u_tahiti_sotenono_u_tahiti_kemsono_u_tahiti_kems_soten ono_u_tahiti_94ono_u_tahiti_94dabsono_u_tahiti_dabs_myla_2ono_u_tahiti_dabs_myla_4ono_u_tahiti_dabsono_u_tahiti_dabs_myla3ono_u_tahiti_dabs_myla_ono_u_tahiti_dabsmylafull ono_u_tahiti_askewono_u_tahiti_askew_sofles ono_u_tahiti_94__ono_u_tahiti_faithono_u_tahiti_faith47ono_u_tahiti_daleastono_u_tahiti_eduardo_kobraono_u_tahiti_setgono_u_tahiti_roa ono_u_tahiti_kayeono_u_tahiti_phatono_u_tahiti_goreyono_u_tahiti_johnkaye ono_u_tahiti_goreyandco

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