Treze, ‘De la urbe’. 5th of June at El Montana Cafè Restaurant

The next guest invited to show on the walls of El Montana Cafè Restaurant is Sabadell based, Treze. A key figure in the scene from the Vallés capital, his particular style has opened up a prominent spot for himself amongst the names doing figurative graffiti.


Treze (Sabadell, 1986) presents his exhibition for the Montana Cafe that’s based on a combination of portraits, urban scenarios, memories, and concepts that are transferred to paper using the same technique and a minimalist language, breaking away from the usual nature of his work that is charged with a multitude of fast stokes, textures, realism, and expressiveness.


For the opening of this exhibition, Dj Melon Ako will be in charge of livening up the audience with his selection of PVC Sounds (different styles on vinyl as it should be). As usual, there will be Moritz and Jägermeister for all, especially for the ones who arrive on time. If you don’t come… your loss.


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