The Official Montana Colors shop in Sevilla has just turned 4. To celebrate the occasion they decided to organize a snack and cocktail party while redecorating the window display.  It seems there’s still some more surprises ahead.

Montana Shop Seville celebrates its fourth season as a Montana Colors shop. We invite Koctel to tune up our window display and while we’re at it, take advantage of his culinary skills as, Great Sushi Maker, to do an improvisational birthday snack party complete with a cake and piñata. And now, brace yourselves… we’re preparing for another surprise birthday party for Estilo and Cojones. The fifth season of Montana Shop Seville has officially inaugurated.


But this is not the last news we have about Montana Shop Sevilla. Also we bring you a video that resumes the workshop made during the exhibition ‘Vapor Palmer’ by Osier at Lab Sevilla.

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