After having wrapped up the festival Walls Talk 7, most of the participants decided to get together and make a wall on their own, outside of the event. The enormous dry river Hall of Fame in Gavá just outside of Barcelona became the spot of the gathering where we came to see all kinds of styles and forms of graffiti. All from  paintings with effects like the ones of Bonzai to the deepest wild styles of Musa with everything between the freshness of Stain to the geometry Epok and the techniques of Emak was presented during the afternoon.

Images by Oriol Enguany and Mtn-world.

gava_bonzai_mtn_gava_bone_epok_gava_emak_bonzai_gava_cotxe_oriol_enguanygava_cap_oriol_enguanygava_leim_mtn_gava_maria_oriol_enguanygava_oriol_enguanygava_foam_oriol_enguany gava_unk_oriol_enguany gava_leim_oriol_enguany gava_stain_oriol_enguany gava_seor_oriol_enguany gava_emak_oriol_enguany gava_bob_oriol_enguany gava_zeus_oriol_enguanygava_karski_oriol_enguany gava_musa_oriol_enguany gava_Zoer_oriol_enguany gava_bonzai_epok_oriol_enguanygava_glasses_oriol_enguany

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