Name: Aspir / Asper

Crews: JHF, DMS, WAR, RM

Active since: 2006

Location: Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Favorite surface: Brick wall or concrete and canvas.

Personal motivation: I love graffiti and arts in general, I really enjoy painting with spray, especially letters and animals, and also I love to travel to paint at different cities from where I live, to get along with great artists and to learn from them. 

aspir_fire_at_will_19aspir_fire_at_will_20aspir_fire_at_will_17aspir_fire_at_will_21aspir_fire_at_will_18aspir_fire_at_will_16aspir_fire_at_will_13aspir_fire_at_will_12aspir_fire_at_will_11aspir_fire_at_will_8 aspir_fire_at_will_9 aspir_fire_at_will_10 aspir_fire_at_will_14 aspir_fire_at_will_15aspir_fire_at_will_7 aspir_fire_at_will_6aspir_fire_at_will_5 aspir_fire_at_will_2aspir_fire_at_will_3aspir_fire_at_will_4

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