Fredone, from The Chosen Few and TDS, also has his Three Aces:

1. Lüneburg, Germany 2005

I painted this piece on the birthday graffiti jam of Trica (Rest in Peace!) in 2005. It was always a pleasure to paint at his birthday jams because he was a really good and welcoming host and everything was well prepared. It was a beautiful day, a lot writers from all over came there to have a nice day. I like this piece because it’s very classic, it’s wild and I’m still in love with these pastel colors.


2. Hamburg, Germany 2012

This day was very special for me. I picking up these two very talented girls, Pau and Jules. We planed since a long time to paint together and finally we had the chance. Both Pau and Jules were not using spraypaint so it was kind of mixed up with the different materials, brushes, spraypaint, ink and wallpaint. I never had the pleasure to paint between two girls and I really enjoyed this day. I tried to mix design and graffiti elements and tried to combine them together without loosing the original style itself using just four colors.


3. Roskilde, Denmark 2014

This piece is definitely one of my favorites. But it’s more about the great time I had and these good memories. Roskilde Festival is always a highlight. The graffiti camp is the best graffiti camp of the world! It is so well organized and there are always so many inspiring and friendly people coming together. In 2014 it was the first time that we were planning to participate with the whole Chosen Few Crew. Finally Kapi and Done were missing but it was such a great time with my crew homies Nose, Stereo, Ojey and Yes. We had a lot fun and were laughing a lot. This was one week without thinking about anything serious accept painting. We made a sketch of the whole wall before coming to Roskilde and we painted it exactly like on the sketch with a lot of time and a lot of beer. Since we all painting wildstyles we were all trying to burn each other and we had these funny storytelling moments of Yes about some crazy actions that we were just laughing of our asses. Great time!

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