‘ULTRASCOPE’. Opening Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 at 20h. Exhibition runs from July 3rd to August 28th, 2015.

Montana Gallery Barcelona presents, “Ultrascope”, a group show featuring the Ultraboyz, the international crew made up of the graphic agitators, Jaba Mathieu, Demsky333, Nova Dead, Felipe Pantone, KoolFunc´88, Busy Byz, Sawe, and SozyOne González; a collective with a refined vision of contemporary graffiti that’s motivated by maximum development in style, technique, and visual language by each of its members.


“Ultrascope” is not looking at things as they should be seen. It’s seeing with a microscopic eye, the telescopic vision of a fascinating world in which rhythm is everything and where each morning the future is envisioned, in order to study the past at night time. It’s where primitive music, wild instinct, and conceptual art as a historical reference can be observed, denying the version of those who won the wars, because art isn’t won…. it’s earned. 

Arturo Tortura, Santa Magnética


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