Last month, Sawe and Dems headed for the Far East because of their exhibition, ‘Magnetic Kimura‘, at the Anagra Gallery in Tokyo. Sawe provided us with images not only from the show, but from the entire travel experience, as well as a video featuring one of the murals done by the two Ultraboyz painting as a duo.

sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_18sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_17sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_16 sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_20sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_13sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_14sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_11sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_8sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_12sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_10sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_15sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_19 sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_7sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_21sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_3sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_1sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_6sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_4 sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_2sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_sawe_dems_tokyo_mtn_5

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