Remember the independent analogue photography exhibition that took place at the Montana Cafe Restaurant? Well, it caused such a sensation that the exhibition will be brought to the city of Valencia with the support of Montana Colors. Strap, a shop specializing in footwear was the place that hosted the show where Bloke, Yubia, and Fresh brought color to the space with their artistic intervention. Here we have the chronicle of what happened with a video and photos.

 strap_scraps_a2 strap_scraps_a3 strap_scraps_a4 strap_scraps_a5 strap_scraps_a6 strap_scraps_a7




strap_scraps_2  strap_scraps_4 strap_scraps_5 strap_scraps_6 strap_scraps_7 strap_scraps_8 strap_scraps_9 strap_scraps_10 strap_scraps_11  strap_scraps_13 strap_scraps_14 strap_scraps_15 strap_scraps_16 strap_scraps_17

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