On June 27th, the Montana Gallery Montpellier opened an exhibition entitled, ‘Imaginary Lines’, by Markus Genesius, aka Wow123. It’s the first show this renown writer has done in a French gallery. It’s a little late to recommend visiting since it ended last weekend, but atleast we have a handful of images that will allow us to share the experience with you.

Here’s the catalogue of available works.


Pioneer of the second generation of german graffiti, Wow123 is now a major artist of international stage. Combining realism, abstraction and writing in his productions, he manages, both on walls and canvases to create graphic compositions surprising by their dynamism. Questioning the evolution of our relation with technologies and the omnipresence of medias, he destructures the symbol of the test card, redefining in every new production the relation with this pattern.


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