The 2015 edition of Bloop International Proactive Art Festival was held during the second half of July and the first half of August in Ibiza as usual. Parties, music sessions, workshops, film, photography, and exhibitions including art for kids, are all part of the wide array of activities that the multidisciplinary festival had to offer during the month that it lasted. In terms of urban art, the ‘Openair Gallery’ hosted the artists, Okuda and Bisser, as two large scale interventions took place under a blue sky.


We’ve brought you a quick photo journal of the process of the two murals as well as some images of the activities that went down.

For more information you can visit the Bloop International Proactive Art Festival Facebook page.

bloop_festival_2015_MTN_-Dario-Rossi-Techno-Drummer-bloop_festival_2015_MTN_Freakatronicbloop_festival_2015_MTN_Pineapple-Crocodile-2bloop_festival_2015_MTN_2bloop_festival_2015_MTN_okuda3bloop_festival_2015_MTN_BLISSERbloop_festival_2015_MTN_okudabloop_festival_2015_MTN_BLISSER2bloop_festival_2015_MTN_blisser_final bloop_festival_2015_MTN_okuda_final

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