H101 sent us the work he made for the MIAU festival which is held in the town of Fanzara in the Castellón area of Spain. The artist from Madrid had applied his tribal geometric style on the facade of one of the houses of the villa, this way creating dialougue with the rest of the space. This artwork is also a perfect reason for introducing you to the rest of the productions of the same festival through a review of some of its more outstanding works by de artists like Borondo, GR170, Pichiavo and Emilio Cerezo.

miau_festivalmiau_festival_h101_2miau_festival_h101_3miau_festival_h101_1miau_festival_unk miau_festival_borondomiau_festival_gr170_miau_festival_emilio_cerezomiau_festival_pichiavomiau_festival_unk3miau_festival_unk2

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