During the second week of August, the 15th edition of the O Marisquiño festival was held in Vigo (Spain). It’s an event dedicated to outdoor activities, featuring extreme sports such as skateboarding, BMX games, music, and or course, graffiti.
Doce12, Draw, Oker, Alma, and Third make up the team of graffiti artists that were rounded up for the aerosol styles exhibition. Video and images transport us straight into those sweltering days of this enjoyable event. Please, let’s delay the summer’s end.

doce12_o_marisquino_mtn draw_o_marisquino_mtn oker_o_marisquino_mtn _o_marisquino_mtn sam_o_marisquino_mtn fedor_o_marisquino_mtn

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