We are back with more trailers. Through Allcity we managed to get a hold of this trailer from a quite interesting 65 minute long documentary titled Graffiti: Peintres & Vandales. The complete film is about to air on the 5th of October 2015 at 23:30 (central European time) on the French TV channel France 4, and in the movie we will see the appearance of various relevant names from the international graffiti scene.

This type of expression, claimed by groups of people on the edges of society, has taken a step away from the walls to invade the most popular gallery spaces. How has this marginalized and persecuted culture managed to be converted into a speculative object without earlier having had a space on the international art market?

The creator Amine Bouziane is fully introduced to graffiti culture and goes face to face with the two opposite worlds: The selfless side of graffiti which is inhabited by the “vandals” or writers, and the art collectors and luxury dealers.

vandals_et_paintres_mtn peintres_et_vandales_mtn

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