Montana Colors in collaboration with DOSBCN studio presents an intervention where live graffiti interacts with audiovisual projections, giving life to an installation. This fusion of the mapping technique with aerosol generates a distortion in the viewers’ perception, and raises doubts about the static and the ephemeral within a defined time frame.

After the experience with the Loop and OFFF festivals, Montana Colors collaborates once again with DOSBCN studio for an event where the graffmapping technique will stir up some excitement. We’re referring to the annual event that’s linked to the most important hip-hop culture in Barcelona; the Hipnotik festival.

The multidisciplinary team, DOSBCN, will unleash its talent in unison with the work of Dyox, an illustrator, graffiti writer, and muralist whose works possess a prominent dreamlike and surrealist quality.
So, this October 3rd the Hipnotik festival takes place at the CCCB (Barcelona), as it does every other year, and you can’t miss out on the DOSBCN + DYOX + Montana Colors show.


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