After the end of the group exhibition, ‘True Utopia’ in our Barcelona gallery, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to document ApsetSame84Taxis and MB having passed through in our archives. They were able to enjoy some of the pleasures this city has to offer, among which, of course, is a spot to paint in the center of the city.

Here’s the video by Joan Planelles for Montana Colors, in which the Alicante director and producer offers us his unique vision through editing; a product of his experience with the protagonists.

Apset_Same84_Taxis_and_V_Markosian_2 Apset_Same84_Taxis_and_V_Markosian_0 Apset_Same84_Taxis_and_V_Markosian_1 Apset_Same84_Taxis_and_V_Markosian_3

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