The Festival Asalto (Assault Festival) has been “putting up a good fight” for 10 years now in Zaragoza (Spain), filling the streets and their viewers’ eyes with art. In this tenth edition, the initiative has prepared a delicious menu of artists as well as a variety of activities throughout almost the whole month of September that’s causing a groundbreaking buzz.


Festival Asalto is not just a street art festival, it’s a symbol of identity for a city that’s becoming increasingly more cosmopolitan, dynamic, and active. It’s a project for urban and social transformation through a culture where the streets, the city, and its citizens are the true protagonists, alongside the best local, national, and international street artists who want to form part of the Asalto family year after year.’

1010, Case Maclaim, 108, Farid Rueda, Byg, Irene Fenollar, Iker Muro, Saner, Sebas Velasco, Zësar, Fitz, Alfalfa, and Noe are the artists who’ve been involved in the mural interventions that continue to be the most stunning proposals each consecutive year.

Pictures by Eduardo Moreno.

1010_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(2) 108_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(35) BYG_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(3) BYG_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(2) CASE_MACLAIM_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(46) FITZ+ALFALFA_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(25) IKER_MURO_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(26) IRENE_FENOLLAR_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(32) IRENE_FENOLLAR_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(36) NOE_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(3) ZESAR_BAHAMONTE+FITZ+ALFALFA+NOE_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(14) SANER_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(20) SEBAS_VELASCO_FestivalAsalto_Zaragoza_EduardoMoreno-(33)

On the other hand, commemorating Asalto’s ten year anniversary, the exhibition, “Festival Asalto: 2005-2015”, was held which occupies 1000m2 in the Centro de Historia de Zaragoza; 17 participating artists from past editions of the event completed murals on the museum walls.


The project has also had some publicity within the public transport infrastructure. For the first time ever, the Zaragoza Tram hosted a series of artistic interventions located at the tram stops, transforming their use into artistic experiences.


Workshops, seminars, guided tours, and performances are a few of the activities that have been going on over the course of the festival. Among them, there’s been some new ones added to the list such as, Cantina Asalto, which encouraged the flow of visitors and added to their experience, or the second edition of the Asalto Fair, the first fair in Spain focused on galleries specialized in street art.


Montana Colors has been collaborating with Festival Asalto pretty much since its inception in 2005. This relationship underlines the leading spray paint brand’s commitment to Asalto. A commitment that grows each year and adapts to the needs of this benchmark fair.’


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