Let’s take a look at the latest news from the Montana Colors Australia blog.

Poison is a writer from Athens who’s gaining a lot of attention lately in graffiti related media. In fact, he was also present in the last edition of the Neapolitan festival, Back to The Style.

With a classic style and strong, unexpected color combinations, the Greek has carved out a place for himself on the international scene, despite the use of a recurring name. And for that reason our Australian colleagues have dedicated one of their extensive interviews to this individual, in a conversation about graffiti, and what’s not graffiti.


‘Born and raised in Athens. A city which is crowded, polluted, chaotic, noisy and yet its beauty is beyond words. No Crew, it’s a one-man show since day one.’


‘I feel like readability is the essence of graffiti. It must be the first and most basic element, no matter in which direction ones style has developed. That’s why I try to keep a basic structure in my letters and take it from there.’


‘Who defines what a quality piece looks like? And when is a writer “all-city”?’


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