Last weekend the Pin’Art shop opened in the Barcelona town, Pineda de Mar. It’s an establishment dedicated to all types of fine arts related supplies, where you will also be able to purchase the whole color range of Montana Colors spray paints and products.


The opening was livened up by Dj Chusbu’s sounds and by Harry Bones (Sabadell), and Tornillo Screw (Pineda de Mar) who held a small graffiti exhibition. On that note, here’s a few flicks from the event.

pinart_pineda_de_mar_mtn_2 pinart_pineda_de_mar_mtn_5 pinart_pineda_de_mar_mtn_1 pinart_pineda_de_mar_mtn_8 pinart_pineda_de_mar_mtn_7 pinart_pineda_de_mar_mtn_4 pinart_pineda_de_mar_mtn_

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