In the end of October, the illustration festival, “Garabato Fest”, was a success in Seville. Montana Shop Sevilla actively participated during the days of the festival and provided materials for the workshop, “Hit with Tits” by Ada Díez, programmed it’s own workshop, “Bumbumbananas”, and curated the interesting artistic project mentioned below. The project was called, “Cosmología Visceral Órfica”; a joint project carried out by Emilio Subirá and Ana Langeheldt.


‘”Cosmología Visceral Órfica” shows the cosmic vision of these two artists that pool together symbology, ancient esoteric references, and elements that are closely related to cell biology; things that are necessary in the world we live in order to understand a certain part of the complexity of the space where it all lies. The similarity that exists between the cosmic lattice’s grandeur and cellular lattice is vital; the stream of life, blood…it’s there. The grandeur and the minimal; the deepest darkness and brightest light; the positive; the negative; the yes and no; destruction and creation. It’s all connected. The joining together of both works that were made separately yet at the same time, and organized afterwards (odd and even) in a positive-negative, produces a unique work, through which the artists have tried to show the spectator their specific view of the Cosmos; this being a somewhat different one from what we may be accustomed to.


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