Yo no estuve aquí’ (I was not here) is the title of the short movie about a graffiti writer located in Guadalajara, Mexico. The aim of the movie is that to through images explore the duality of this personality, with graffiti always present in his day to day life.

Carlos Yamil Neri is the director of this production which portraits the everyday life and the nocturnal hobby of a character which any graffiti writer can relate to, and he manages to weave together the relation of these two opposite atmospheres in a subtile and interesting way.


Director and Editor: Carlos Yamil Neri
Production: Karla Oceguera
Photography: Gerardo
Sound: Pablo Aguilera
Music: “La noshe” por Daniel Partida y “Lovers of the strange” por Moreno
Translator: Adriana Onofre
Graphic Design: Joshe Montaño


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