Montana Colors presents a water-based marker range and refill cartridges that are ideal for artwork, crafts, and fine arts. They are fully compatible with our Water Based spray paint, as well as with most fine arts products (acrylics and solvent-based Montana Colors aerosols).

This type of marker’s versatility is unlimited, and the multiple ways it may be be applied just depend on your imagination.

-Perfect coverage.
-Fast drying.
-Complete adhesion.
-Tips 3 and 5 mm.
-18 Colors


• Water Based Paint

-Perfect coverage.
-Fast drying.
-Complete adhesion.
-Compatible with all MTN Markers.
-18 Colors.



The Street concept by Montana Colors is designed for graffiti writers, but also for all those who are searching for a wide range of products for calligraphic or artistic uses. Its optimized valve system allows
for constant flow, preventing spills and overloads.

Street PAINT Markers

-High fluidity.
-Opacity and resistance.
-Tips 8 and 15 mm.
-12 colors

• Street INK Markers

-15 mm tip.
-2 colors.

• Street INK

– Maximum opacity
– Excelent UV resistance
– Interior and exterior use
– Very resistant against most solvents


• EMPTY Markers

This range of refillable markers compliment the already well known Dabber line. The tips and valve system components are totally compatible with the new Water Based paint and with the Montana Colors Street ink range.

3 mm / 0,11 in, 5 mm / 0,19 in, 8 mm / 0,31 in & 15 mm / 0,59 in

montana_colors_markers_empty montana_colors_markers_emptys2

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