Once again and as usual during the last two years, RosyOne releases, what’s now has become, her traditional calendar. It’s a great Christmas gift full of good taste and Hip Hop style that stands the test of time, all straight to you from the hands of one of the best reputed graffiti writers from Switzerland.


Sports trainers have always been a fetishized accessory within urban aesthetic, so in 2016, RosyOne will be your guide through part of Hip Hop’s history by means of illustrations inspired by songs, and TV ads dedicated to runners.


It’s a good time to catch up on the latest productions that RosyOne has been doing, so we’ve included a few pieces that are proof that this style master’s hands are in better shape than ever.


If you live in Switzerland you can find the calendar throgh Layup. But, if you live abroad and can’t travel there, you can purchase this piece of artwork on RosyOne’s online shop.


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