Montana Shop Sevilla for the XVII Edition of Dmencia, contemporary art exhibition. Doña Mencía (Córdoba, Spain)

Tinatha (Cristina Bendala) & Srger, the managers of Montana Shop Sevilla / @montanasevilla participated in Dmencia ́015 representing the Montana family, invited by Crótalo & Triángulo. They got a good wall in over the duration of a weekend.


Doña Mencía, a small town in the Sierras Subbéticas’ hosted the seventeenth consecutive year of the Dmencia Contemporary Art Exhibition. The title comes from the descriptive word play when blending the town’s name and the resulting madness that it imposed on Javier Flores (artist and curator) during the initial organization of the event in his hometown, Doña Mencía.

Today, with the backing of the Rafael Botí Fundation and its Periféricos program (also created under  Flores’ direction), Dmencia is one of the most interesting projects in the Andalusian art world, and the oldest project in the province of Cordoba.


Even after carefully contemplating her work, it’s still difficult for me to imagine what kind of magical potion was in the cauldron that Cristina Bendala took a dip in as a baby.‘ Francisco Morales


A few lines or some branches serve to Srger as subjects for form studies, which derives from his fondness for painting letters. The results are beautiful compositions that are just as simple as they are elegant.  Work that ranges from graffiti to the small compositional games that the city has to offer. Simple interventions that take advantage of good spots. A few lines and a few well-saturated colors.‘ Omar Quiñones. Juxtapoz Magazine


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