We’d like to take a look back at a unique project that was done last summer by the Barcelona graphic arts studio, Reskate Arts & Crafts. Photoluminescent (MTN Poltergeist) paint is an interesting tool that allows artworks to react with their environment depending on its lighting.


María López and Javier de Riba (members of Reskate), took advantage of the uniqueness of this material for the Harreman exhibition that was held in Vienna, as well the intervention held in parallel at the Fisart Timisoara festival organized in Romania.

Here’s a few images and videos that help to give a better idea of the process and set-up of the installations and interventions, and they also invite us to enjoy the bright (couldn’t be explained in better words) results.


It’s worth noting that the Montana Colors LED lights (that are often given away at our sales points on occasion) served as a way for the spectators to interact with the artworks in the exhibition; an original and fun idea.


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