After 25 years of non-stop activity, the pieces that Vino leaves behind on the panels are still as fresh as they were the first time we saw them. We’ll never get tired of reading interviews or seeing Vino’s latest pieces.
That’s what the people over at Spraydaily must have thought, who are precisely the ones who have dedicated their latest episode of Hello My Name Is to him, proving that there are still many pages yet to be written on the history of this writer.


I’m a normal person who found graffiti as a young kid, when graffiti was not as popular/unpopular as now and discovered a new underworld where money was not the most important thing in the world and friendship was the main reason to be there’.


‘Life in the area where I come from is hard and graffiti keeps my mind focused on a creative thing’.


‘I always like to see people doing new things and today it is easy to see online good styles and productions, but also it´s hard to keep it different from the rest, that’s what i really appreciate’.


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