The section Three Aces is back. Juse One from NYC is our man:


Roskilde Festival 2011

The first time I had the chance to do a big wall at Roskilde Festival, there were soooo many dope writers there. I was right around the corner from Bonzai, LovePusher, Tizer, Smug and Kak. Needless to say, I had to come correct! I was one of the only New Yorkers painting at the festival… so I really wanted to represent. I decided to do a tribute to some the all time best hip hop artists from New York – JayZ, Notorious B.I.G., Mary J Blige, Nas, Big Pun and KRS-One. I chose orange and blue for the fill and 3d – inspired of course by the New York Knicks jersey colors. This was the first time I ever attempted to put portraits into the fill of the letters. At the time I was painting a lot of wildstyles with solid fills and beveled edges and top lighting, but I typically didn’t add too many special effects in my styles. This was a very experimental piece, but it’s definitely one of my all time favorites.


Roskilde Festival 2014

When I had the chance to return to Roskilde Festival, I got to do a wall with my crewmate Gore from Sweden. We wanted to put some serious wildstyles down, and I really wanted experiment a bit with the structure of my piece. So I made to changes – I added an R at the end of my name so that it says “Juser” and I tried this crystal 3d technique for the first time, and I really loved the results. I have incorporated this style of 3d into a few more of my pieces since then, and it’s a nice way to make the piece pop out. Gore and I both love to flex our skills on fills and effects, but the most important is that the style of the letters is also complex and intricate. This is one of my favorite pieces of recent years, and it’s the starting point of a new tech- nique for me.


Leake Street Tunnel, London 2015

In November last year, I spent a week in London painting doing research for my MA thesis. My good homie Tizer ID let me crash at his place and really showed me around the city – we painted in Shoreditch, Brixton, Croydon and of course the famous Leake Street Tunnel. This was thas first piece I painted on the trip, and it’s my favorite out the last several that I’ve done. I very rarely do pieces with light outlines and dark fills, and I’ve maybe tried a white outline once or twice in my whole career. It might sound crazy, but this was actually the first time I ever freestyled a piece with a white outline and 3D, and man… I loved it! The flow of the letters, the texture in the fill, and the balance of the piece overall just came so naturally. This is another one of my favorite freestyles, mainly because the process was so enjoyable. It’s always good times painting with Tizer, and London is great town. I’m looking forward to heading back again this year!

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