Here is Dvate’s choices for the Three Aces section. As he says: ‘It was too hard to go back through all my pics so I’m just basing this off pieces from 2015.


1. Melbourne Trackside.
‘My first wall for 2015 and my biggest wildstyle piece ever. This thing nearly killed me, full sun in the middle of summer. Painted behind a temp fence with only 1m gap to the wall. Every train that came past I had to duck and pull down the ladder.’


2. Roskilde festival
‘This one was my large piece at Roskilde festival in Denmark, the best festival ever! This was my second time there and it’s def an experience I wont forget. Getting to meet and paint with some of the writers I looked up to when I first started is awesome!
I was really happy with how this piece turned out. I only had a really rough sketch that I did at graff camp the night before but I really like the outline. The background illusion thing kind of worked again and the location was dope!, right next to the main gate.
This was part of a longer wall with Sabeth and New2, both good mates and writers from Melbourne that I have respected for a long time.’


3. Hawk
‘I had a heap of fun painting this piece. In my old neighborhood and fav part of Melbourne. The bird is a native endangered hawk and my piece uses colours based on it.’

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